A Complete Range Of Tree Care Services

Stump Removal Professionals

No tree is too big for us! Our arborists have the right tools and experience to undertake any tree maintenance job and execute it with perfection. Contact us for more information.

We Root For Healthy Growth Of Your Trees

Eagle Eye Tree Service LLC is a customer-oriented company with only one focus – to offer the highest standards of tree care service to our clients. We make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our work before we leave the site. With a team of trained and knowledgeable tree surgeons, we have established ourselves as a leading name in the tree service industry. We are proudly affiliated with the Wisconsin Arborist Association. Serving the Entire Lakes area – all of Walworth County including Walworth, Fontana, Williams Bay, Lake Geneva, Delevan, and Elkhorn.

tree trimming

Tree Trimming

Trees and shrubs require regular trimming to stay healthy. That’s why we offer you customized trimming services to maintain the aesthetics and cosmetic of your yard. Trust our professionals to take care of your trees!

Tree Removal

No matter how much you love trees, there are times when it becomes crucial to remove them for health reasons. If you have a tree that has been infected with a disease and poses a hazard, our experts can remove it safely and efficiently.

Tree Shaping

We utilize our experience and expertise to transform living trees into artistic shapes. We achieve this by carefully orchestrating the way trees and their branches grow.

Tree Cavity Treatment

A tree cavity can occur due to many reasons, such as a pruning cut made too close to the trunk or large branch breakage. We offer a range of effective cavity treatments for trees to stop the cavity from spreading and infecting other parts.

Shrub Trimming

We employ the best quality equipment to trim shrubs. Our hedge trimmer comes with an extended reach and a pivoting cutting head that makes trimming the tall hedges and shrubs easy and hassle-free.

Stump Removal

Did you get a tree cut down recently? Don’t leave its stump behind to invite possible safety hazards! Let our experts use the latest techniques to remove the leftover stumps along with their root.

Stump Grinding

We use four different grinders to grind stumps of all sizes. Our smallest self propelled stump grinder can fit through a 36″ doorway and is septic system friendly. Our largest grinder has a 72″ sweep.

Aerial Truck Work

Eagle Eye Tree Service LLC can cut down and remove just about any tree! We utilize our powerful aerial trucks to reach trees up to 65 feet. We also offer hand climbing services for taller or hard-to-reach trees.

Tree Cabling

Cabling is a tree prevention method that requires experience and knowledge. We have trained professionals in our team who know how to stabilize an established tree that is growing in the wrong manner and provide it with the right growth.

Photo Gallery

Our owner has spent over 35 years in the industry to help people keep their yards well maintained. Have a look at some of our past projects to see how we do our job!

We provide excellent stump removal services at great prices!

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